Industrial Network Audit

The importance of highly-available and secure
OT networks has never been greater.

And, with connectivity being central to the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things),
these demands are only set to increase.

Our Cisco/Hirschmann-certified engineers can carry out a thorough audit of your
industrial network to determine any weaknesses or security vulnerabilities that exist.

We’ll use this detailed information to help you stabilise and secure your network,
and then prioritise and plan the move towards a managed network.

Network Topology

Your entire network can be physically mapped.

Where practical, it can also be mapped through switch management features, to create a high-level topology diagram.

Network Device Inventory

Using a combination of network scanning tools and physical audits, each network connection will be checked to identify the device and the port that it is connected to.

Switch, Router and Firewall Device Audit

Providing access is permitted to the network devices, configurations can be reviewed, and recommendations made relating to security, resilience and performance.

Security Posture Assessment

The Claroty Security Posture Analysis is an offline assessment product that provides security teams with visibility and insights into the OT network’s security risk posture.

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