Facilities Management

For facilities managers trying to orchestrate various building automation systems within a single or multiple facilities, Wonderware Industry Solutions for Facilities Management provides a common layer of control and connectivity across all infrastructure systems.

The software’s open architecture levels the playing field by providing flexibility in vendor selection, which simplifies development, deployment, maintenance, support and the administration of facilities applications.

Wonderware facilities management solutions are built on an advanced set of tools that enable the easy creation of facilities management applications.  Support for widely used industry standards such as BACnet® communications and i.LON connectivity®, as well as a broad range of other communication interfaces such as MODBUS® and OPC means that your facility infrastructure is easily integrated into a cohesive operations management solution.

Key Benefits

  • Securely view, monitor & control the company’s operational information in real time from anywhere, at any time;
  • Reduced energy consumption and more flexible operations through easy configuration of any  changes;
  • Easy integration with Enterprise and Asset Management Systems for better cost analysis and invoicing;
  • One solution to manage multiple equipment manufacturers  & systems including HVAC, fire, life safety, security,  personnel access, energy management, lighting, elevators, emergency generation, sprinklers and refrigeration;
  • Improve User comfort while reducing energy costs;
  • Easy to configure web and mobile reports to monitor operational KPIs;
  • Reduced asset downtime while optimising maintenance costs;
  • Flexible architecture to deliver reliable, secure and sustainable systems;
  • Open solution compatible with any legacy system;
  • Dramatic reductions in engineering costs;
  • Built on top of the easy-to-use  and market leading InTouch HMI;
  • One of the lowest Total Costs of Ownership in the market.

Key Capabilities

  • Connectivity to new and existing building automation systems through open standards such as BACnet, LonWorks®, MODBUS and OPC
  • Easy integration with multiple equipment manufacturers including HVAC, fire, life safety, security, personnel access, energy management, lighting, elevators, emergency generation, sprinklers and refrigeration
  • Broad distribution channel providing more choices for services
  • Robust IT-based security model

The Venetian Hotel Testimonial

”The Wonderware solution is a lifesaver. I can’t see not having it.”

Jerry Jaggers, Senior Project Manager, The Venetian and Palazzo Resort Hotels & Casino – The World’s Largest Resort