Smart Cities

Imagine a better future, with smooth traffic, sustainable buildings and better infomed citizens, with a single control room to monitor multiple public infrastructures. Lean organisations focused on services optimisation, cost reductions, operational and maintenance excellence. Wonderware Technology lets you manage your infrastructure as you like in an integrated way.

Imagine a better future through a real – time integrated software platform:

  • Energy saving with intelligent light control
  • Optimising your resource management
  • Smooth traffic in and out of the city
  • Better service to citizens
  • Providing intelligence to your buildings
  • Integrated management and security of the city
  • Cost reductions
  • Public utilities management

City of Bremen Testimonial

With Wonderware, optimum efficiency of a heating system is achieved after a few months. This level of optimised operation can cut energy consumption by around 15% to 18%

Rudiger Heinenbruch, Technical Operations Manager, Immobilien Bremen, Germany