Mining and Metals

Our solutions, such as Citect SCADA, are an ideal fit for manufacturers in the metals and mining industry. Through our suite of hardware and software solutions, we have helped customers achieve greater yield, end-to-end traceability, inventory control and enhanced production performance, quality, and compliance.

From Supervisory control and data historians, to availability products and disaster resilience solutions – we have a range of offerings tailored to support the metals and mining industry.

Key benefits

  • Scalable, open Platform over existing systems
  • Real-time and production integration
  • Powerful production/tracking capability
  • Increased visualisation through centralised management
  • Increased availability, security and reliability
  • Reduced downtime and costs
  • Simplified operations, reduced management and maintenance costs

Key capabilities

  • HMI visualisation
  • Historian and trending
  • Operations MES
  • Production/asset performance
  • Condition-based monitoring of assets
  • Real-time and production integration in one model
  • Common platform across the plant, enabling single administration
  • Full-feature centralised thin client and terminal server management
  • Server failure prevention
  • Cyber security protection
  • High availability Managed Services