Oil and Gas

Thousands of Wonderware licenses in upstream, downstream and pipeline applications are testimony to the trust that Oil & Gas companies place in SolutionsPT. Leveraging the latest in ArchestrA technology, Wonderware System Platform is a groundbreaking alternative to traditional Oil & Gas SCADA systems.

SolutionsPT provides the integration of applications and equipment across all departments and functions to create a comprehensive real-time operations management environment.

Key benefits

  • Production optimization
  • Productivity and workforce improvements
  • Increased visualisation through centralised management
  • Increased availability, security and reliability
  • Reduced downtime and costs
  • Simplified operations, reduced management and maintenance costs

Key capabilities

  • HMI visualisation and SCADA
  • Advanced trending
  • Wide connectivity¬† to RTUs, PLCS, EFM equipment
  • Historical data collection
  • Integration with Geographical Information Systems (GIS), simulation, maintenance management systems and ERP
  • Full-feature centralised thin client and terminal server management
  • Server failure prevention
  • Cyber security protection
  • High availability Managed Services