OT Cyber Security and
Industrial Networking

Taking a ‘secure by design’ approach will deliver a long-term
cyber security architecture that is inherently secure against threats.

Although in the past, industrial control systems depended on isolated,
proprietary networks and hardware, and were deemed
immune to the network attacks more common in the IT world.
This complacency is now misplaced, with the move to open
standards opening the door to hackers.

The need to bring the rigour of IT to the OT world is essential
when implementing Cyber Security solutions.

“At SolutionsPT, we advocate taking a
staged approach to improving industrial
cyber security. The starting point is to audit
your current position, to understand what
needs to be done based on your
circumstances and risk profile.”

With over 30 years’ experience of combining Industrial IT Solutions with in-depth knowledge of OT architectures,
we have the expertise to ‘design-in defence’ at every level.

OT Cyber Services: 

Continuous threat detection

Through our partnership with the Industry’s Leading
Industrial Cyber Security Company, Claroty,
we can provide extreme visibility into your ICS networks.

Industrial Network Audit and Consultancy

Our Cisco/ Hirschmann-certified engineers can carry
out a thorough network audit to determine any
weaknesses or security vulnerabilities that may exist.

Industrial Network Training

Delivered by Cisco CCNA certified instructors, our training
course can guide you through the basics of industrial
networking, network switching and network security.

Disaster Resilience Solutions

Recovery from any downtime is swift and easy with Proteus
disaster resilience. Proteus is a managed service designed
and built specifically for OT environments.

Industrial Network Hardware

We can supply you with globally known brands, Belden,
Hirschmann and Tofino Security, for high quality,
highly available industrial cabling, connectivity
and networking devices and systems.

High Availability Solutions

We have a number of solutions that enable industrial IT
infrastructures to prevent downtime and deliver
the right level of availability. From Thin Client
Architectures to Fault Tolerant Servers.

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