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Stratus Technologies

Stratus Technologies delivers continuously available products, services, and solutions.  Only Stratus servers deliver five nines (99.999%) and greater uptime.  In today’s always-on world, applications run under increasingly demanding circumstances. With these escalating demands comes greater pressure to prevent even the smallest amount of application downtime. Companies are responding to this need for always-on solutions by searching for technologies that either conform to or enhance their current IT infrastructures.

Stratus’ solutions enable rapid deployment of always-on infrastructures, from enterprise servers to clouds, without any changes to your applications.

Continuous availability is at the core of what Stratus offers. But the simplicity of their solutions make them even more valuable to our customers. And the fact that we prevent downtime from happening in the first place, guaranteeing data integrity, means a compelling TCO.

Stratus is a privately held company, owned by Siris Capital Group. The parent company, Stratus Technologies Bermuda, Ltd, is incorporated in Bermuda.