Keep running, no matter
what happens

Recovery from any downtime is swift and
easy with Proteus disaster resilience.

Spend your time where you’re needed most,
safe in the knowledge that if anything happens,
SolutionsPT have backed up your data and can perform a
rapid restore, getting you back to business in no time.

Designed for the Operational
Technology environment

Proteus is a managed service designed and built
specifically for OT environments.

Operate with a disaster resilience solution
that doesn’t get in your way. Integrating
Proteus into your manufacturing processes is
so seamless; you won’t even notice it’s there.

Blink and you’ll miss it.

Proteus, powered by Datto, will have you back
up-and-running in minutes, preventing any
lengthy delays.

Using Datto technology

Renowned for its innovative technology and a superior level of
reliability within the IT world, Proteus utilises Datto Hybrid Cloud
technology to improve redundancy, and give you an extra layer
of protection over systems and data.

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Keep running no matter what happens:

With a SolutionsPT engineer available to you at all times.

With 24/7 disaster recovery service, support, pro-active security, and using the latest IT
technology from SolutionsPT, you can focus on your business safe in the knowledge
that a disaster doesn’t mean downtime.