What Sets Thinmanager Apart?

29 September 2016
Louise Knowles
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There are several companies that make office grade thin clients. Most of these ‘low cost players’ sell a thin client tool while ThinManager is an entire tool box.

Some questions to ask about a thin client system are:

  • How do you configure and deploy your Thin Clients?
  • How do you deploy your apps?
  • How easy is it to change you configuration once established?
  • How do you deploy the application to the right location?
  • How do you replace hardware, and what is involved?
  • How do you change applications?
  • How do you lock down applications?
  • How do you secure the system?
  • Can you shadow terminals? Are you shadowing the session or the actual client?
  • Do you have out-of-the-box failover and redundancy?
  • If you are using VDIs, how do you manage them? How do you deploy the correct image?
  • Do you have multiple hardware vendors or are you limited to a proprietary system?
  • What touch screens are supported?
  • What about firmware updates?

ThinManager is uniquely positioned to provide the  technology needed for companies to make the transition from PC computing to the Industrial Internet of Things.

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