Alarm Advisor


Wonderware Alarm Adviser is web-based alarm analysis software that helps you discover nuisance alarms in the process system through interactive visual analysis. Based on industry recommended standard alarm management practices, Alarm Adviser provides a dashboard for instant diagnosis of alarms, causes and consequences. It provides a single means of identifying frequent, standing, fleeting and consequential alarms, which can help analyse plant upsets and optimise system performance.

Incorporating a powerful yet easy to administrate scheduling system, your operations staff are in contact 24 hours a day, and escalation rules give built-in backup notification for supervisors and reserve personnel.

Key Benefits

  • Helps to monitor and manage the health of your plant more efficiently
  • Allow users to set KPI targets and compare recent and past performance to track improvement over time
  • Improved operator awareness and efficiency
  • Reduced risks of unscheduled downtime
  • Improved plant performace and reliability

Key Capabilities

  • Interactive visual analysis
  • Interactive timeline bar that allows users to zoom in on a specific time range
  • Customisable dashboards that make it possible to benchmark and maintain alarm system performance in line with standard alarm guidelines or local facility goals
  • Web browser support, compatible with any HTML-5 enabled device
  • Alarm filtering for a given time period – by severity, time of day, day of week, plant area or alarm category
  • Top 10 views of the most frequent, fleeting (short duration) and standing (long duration) alarms indicate what alarms should be targeted first

Alarm Adviser Diagram