Industrial Computers

Industrial computer solutions from SolutionsPT are built to meet your exact needs and offer reliability, extended product lifecycles and a variety of form factors from touch computers through to high performance server-grade rack mounted solutions.

Whilst industrial computers share the same architecture as office or home computers, there the similarity ends. The operation demands in an industrial environment are clear: high availability and environmental specifications to match the often harsh environments. Not so clear, but equally important, are the needs for extended product supply roadmaps to ensure that platforms can be provided for applications that need to run unmodified for many years, often the life of the plant.

SolutionsPT understand the design and ongoing support requirements of industrial computers. Through our selection of supply partners, considered product selection and on-going obsolescence management we aim to offer a solution that enables our customers to focus on their core manufacturing or supply activities.

Our industrial computing solutions include:

  • 19″ Rackmount Systems
  • Tower Systems
  • Panel PCs
  • Embedded Computers
  • Flat Panel Monitors
  • Industrial Thin Clients
  • ThinManager Compatible Hardware
  • Hazardous Area Tablets
  • Machine Edition Touch Panel PCs