Mobile Technologies

Mobile technology is an ever growing market and businesses need to react to the growing demand for content: anywhere, anytime to any device. As a result many manufacturers are taking advantage of smartphones, tablets and other mobile technologies to streamline operations and boost productivity.

Mobile technologies can bring significant benefits in terms of improved productivity, availability and access as well as space and cost savings. But, manufacturing organisations considering adopting them need to be aware of the challenges they will face. Although many users will be familiar with operating mobile devices they need to understand the cultural change that will be required in a working environment. The greater flexibility mobile technologies provide have to be balanced against the security requirements of the information they are handling to ensure a viable and robust solution that delivers real ROI.

SolutionsPT provide location-based configuration and management of mobile devices to securely deliver existing applications, when and where they are needed. They enable operators to work in real-time, increasing control over the manufacturing process. We also provide industrial mobile platforms that are designed for rugged environments enabling use within industrial workplaces where there may be high temperatures, dust or vibration.

Our solutions include:

  • Smart Mobility with ThinManager Relevance
    Relevance provides the ability to deliver the right content to the right person at the right place with location-based mobility.
  • Industrial mobile platforms: ecom Hazardous Area Tablets
    Ranging from ATEX certified handheld computers to ultra-rugged smartphones.