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In the past, industrial control systems depended on isolation, proprietary networks and hardware, and were deemed immune to the network attacks more prevalent in the IT world. This complacency is now misplaced. The move to open standards is opening the door to hackers, further driving IT/OT convergence when seeking solutions to this threat.

The requirement to bring the rigour of IT to the OT world is essential when implementing Cyber security solutions. For example, having unaccredited engineers work on IT networks is virtually unheard of, so why is this such widespread practice on OT networks?

At SolutionsPT, we advocate taking a staged approach to gaining a secure architecture. The starting point is to audit your current position, to gain an understanding of what needs to be done and assess cost against benefit.

Taking a ‘secure by design’ approach delivers a long-term cyber security architecture that is inherently secure against both external threats and the threat within.With over 30 years’ experience of combining our Industrial IT Solutions with in-depth knowledge of OT architectures, we have the expertise to ‘design-in defence’ at every level, from the SCADA zone through to DMZ and Enterprise level zones.

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On Demand Webinars

Featured Webinar: Building Secure Architectures – View Here

The most significant step when creating an effective long-term, cyber secure OT infrastructure, is to develop an architecture that is inherently secure.

During this webinar we will explore our suggested focus areas when building, and implementing OT cyber secure architectures:

•Industrial networking
•Access in and out of the ICS
•Incident Management and Disaster Resilience strategy
•Virtualisation and Centralisation

Our Industrial Networking Webinar Series is also available to view here.




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