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Industrial Network Audit

Delivering High Performance, Resilient and Secure Networks

The importance of high-performance, highly-available and secure OT (Operational Technology) networks has never been greater. Furthermore, with connectivity being central to the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things),  these demands are only likely to increase.

SolutionsPT delivers a staged approach to infrastructure development, providing the delivery of a high performance, resilient and secure network in a managed environment.  We help our customers to harden their OT network to meet the ever increasing demand for performance, availability, connectivity and security.

Industrial Network Audit

Our Cisco/Hirschmann-certified engineers can carry out a thorough network audit to determine any weaknesses or security vulnerabilities that may exist is your in industrial network. SolutionsPT will use this detailed information to help you stabilise and secure your network, and then prioritise and plan the move towards a managed network.

What is delivered?

Network Topology: During the audit, the entire network can be mapped physically. Where practical, it can also be mapped through switch management features, in order to create a high-level topology diagram. This would include physical links between switches, the type of media (fibre/copper), IP addressing, VLAN configurations and Spanning Tree root bridges.

Network Device Inventory: Using a combination of network scanning tools and physical audits, each network connection will be checked to identify the device in question and the port to which it is connected.

Switch, Router and Firewall Device Audit: Providing access is permitted to the network devices, configurations will be reviewed and recommendations will be made relating to security, resilience and performance.

Audit Timescales

Typically, Network Audits will take place on-site over a period of between one and three days. A further day will be required to compile all necessary reports and recommendations.

The specific length of time taken will depend upon:

  • The number of network devices (switches, routers, firewalls)
  • The complexity of these devices
  • The number of end-point stations (PLC, HMI, Workstations etc.)
  • The number of plant locations
  • The ease of physical/logical access to network devices
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