Managed Services


Delivering High Availability Managed Services for Industrial Environments

Availability is defined as the percentage of time that a system is operational. With ever increasing network connectivity achievable and the rapid advancement of operational intelligence technologies within the SCADA application space, maintaining the high availability levels critical to productivity is becoming progressively complex.

A Modular Approach to Automation Performance Management and Disaster Resilience:

Our Managed Platform offering combines Industrial IT innovation with Solutions PT expertise to protect system health and security whilst also eliminating the risk of downtime.

  • Managed Platform delivers a set of modular Managed Services specifically tailored to industrial environments.
  • The services have been designed to provide in-depth intelligence on system performance, allowing for opportunities to increase efficiency to be identified to drive continuous improvement and enable more formed investment decisions.



Our Managed Platform SolutionsPT Engineers closely monitor your real-time operations via ‘Axelia Insight’ to deliver predictive and preventative maintenance.

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Have confidence that critical data is recoverable through a combination of local back-up virtualisation, off-site replication and bare metal restore.

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