Managed Services

Automation Performance Management

A Managed Platform Solution: Introducing ‘Axelia’ Automation Performance Management.


The Technology: Axelia Insight

Axelia delivers a real-time view of your software and hardware performance. The Automation Performance Management solution enables you to quickly identify and rectify issues, minimise downtime and increase output.

Data from the plant floor is transferred via secure https connection to the Axelia Cloud, where it is pushed to your bespoke Axelia Insight dashboard. This gives you a continuous window into your system health, including alerts and advice from our SolutionsPT engineers.

The Driving Force: SolutionsPT Engineers

Managed Platform SolutionsPT Engineers delivers:

  • Predictive monitoring to support the maintenance of your automation infrastructure
  • A rapid response to identify abnormal situations on-site before your team even knows the problem exists

Our SolutionsPT engineers are dedicated to maintaining the availability of your plant systems. Acting as an extension of your team, we notify you of hardware failures and what equipment to replace, often before production informs you of a problem. We free your team to focus on the most productive tasks, safe in the knowledge we are closely monitoring the hardware and network devices of the Automation System.

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