Operations Management


Timely, accurate and relevant information is essential for Operations Managers and key decision makers striving to drive peak performance and meet operational KPIs. Wonderware solutions integrate with plant equipment and data sources to bring real-time condition and status information into decision making processses, including:

  • Manage the transformation of materials to gain the highest efficiencies while meeting regulatory and operations goals for profit, quality, uptime and yields
  • MES PerformanceDeliver significant cost reductions associated with designing, building, deploying and maintaining secure and standardised applications for manufacturing performance and operations
  • Synchronise production and industrial operations with business objectives, obtaining the speed and flexibility to attain sustained profitability

Manage the Transformation of Materials into Finished Products in Real-time with AVEVA MES Solutions

AVEVA offers a complete set of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) to digitise your industrial operations’ business rules and information management needs, whilst also automating data collection of operational execution. MES Modules empower decision makers and operators to more effectively manage production and shop floor inventory operations in real time. The MES Modules available include:

Advanced Workflow Solutions

Skelta ImageWonderware helps organisations to stay agile and profitable through offering full cycle business process management and advanced workflow solutions via Wonderware Skelta BPM.

Wonderware Skelta BPM software delivers advanced workflow solutions and a complete set of tools for creating, executing and optimising business processes. 100% embeddable web-based architecture and strong integration capabilities ensure collaboration throughout the enterprise.

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