Operations Management

Recipe Manager Plus

AVEVA Recipe Manager Plus software reduces the effort to manage your product formulations, set up specifications and equipment procedures on automated production equipment and machines. Powerful, ready to use recipe management functionality, deep governance (role-based security, item versioning and approval) and electronic history records offer fast time to value and empower your operational teams to improve productivity and quality.Recipe Management

Recipe Manager Plus is designed for the standardisation of recipe management across your business, and to simplify and speed up the process of new product introduction to the shop floor and its automation production equipment.

Innovate Faster

With demographic changes and shifting consumer preferences, manufacturers are under increasing pressure to innovate and find opportunities to drive speed to market. Effective recipe management can help to connect the worlds of product development and definition with the people and systems operating production equipment on the plant floor. Recipe Manager Plus is designed as a client/server web application with a central data repository for standardisation of recipe management operations across your business, and to speed up the new product introduction process.

Key Features

  • Web-based, ready-to-use user interface functionality
  • Client Server application with central data management
  • Role-based security and change management with item versioning and approval
  • Version comparison reports
  • Electronic change and execution history records
  • Standalone use via OPC UA connectivity or integrated with Wonderware System Platform

Key Capabilities

Wonderware Recipe Manager Plus is scalable commercial off-the-shelf Recipe Management software for:

  • Formula management and download, enabling quick and consistent set up parameter changes for equipment and systems – which in many cases, is the flexibility required for packaging or production machines or lines in CPG and F&B
  • Recipe management and execution (procedure and formula management), providing automation and repeatability of production processes to recipe specifications on production units, work cells or line equipment for batch-oriented and hybrid manufacturing processes